VEROS FP brings people from all over the world to save the planet

An international charity service with direct funding and user-friendly interface “Digital Hearts” from VEROS FP was launched.

We are convinced that you can achieve the maximum synergy effect with an integrated approach to creating a technological and friendly future. It is possible to significantly improve the standard of living, to form a new present and bright future for the Earth using a global approach to the analysis and elimination of environmental problems. To do this, it is enough to combine blockchain, eco-technologies and investments in one place.

Today there are a large number of organizations that are involved in charity and environmental issues. The main disadvantages of such projects include the lack of transparency and the inability to control their activities. Blockchain-based startup VEROS FP is designed to eliminate these problems and ensure maximum transparency in the activities of charitable organizations. From the very first days of the launch of Digital Hearts several hundreds of philanthropists around the world got acquainted with the advantages of the project and have already made their first donations through this service.

About service
The Estonian company VEROS Fundraising Platform has launched its first service with direct financing – Digital Hearts. This service is designed to provide stable financial support for charity projects, environmental startups and all non-profit organizations in general. Thanks to its decentralized structure the Digital Hearts service will become a connecting link between philanthropists from around the world. As a result, transparency of all processes from fundraising to solving specific problems will be implemented.

The main advantages of the service
Compared to other ecosystems Digital Hearts has a number of undeniable advantages that serve as a unique offer for potential investors. First of all – this is a deep system of verification of the organizers who conduct the fundraising, as well as a thoughtful search algorithm and the absence of transaction fees. Digital hearts provides a comfortable operating conditions with an integrated wallet, support system and user-friendly interface.

The future of service
Today representatives of the project are negotiating with organizations specializing in wildlife conservation and environmental improvement in 67 advanced countries of the world and attracting new projects for cooperation. 

Soon the developers of VEROS Fundraising Platform plan to launch a new service ATLAS in cooperation with investment funds from around the world. ATLAS will be able to act as an intermediary between venture funds, direct investors and environmental startups that are focused on supporting the environment.

Change the World for the Better! “Digital Hearts” by @VerosFP. Help the work of International Organizations in the field of environmental protection and solving humanitarian problems!

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