Loss of habitat and heavy use of toxic herbicides are putting monarch butterflies at risk. Every year, North American monarch butterflies journey 3,000 miles from Mexico’s Sierra Madre mountains across the United States to Canada and back again. During this continental crossing, they pollinate, support healthy ecosystems, and bring joy to those who spot them. […]

The Weather Facts Of Climate Change

Extreme weather events have been occurring more frequently than natural variability would suggest.  Developing an awareness and understanding of drought, flooding, extreme temperatures, and intense storms can help reduce the prospect of disruptions to global businesses. https://www.forbes.com/sites/impactpartners/2019/09/25/3-new-retirement-rules-that-may-change-retirement-as-we-know-it/#46cd51a51b2e Article source: forbes.com | Terms of publication and copyright of articles One of the questions many have is […]

‘A deadly problem’: should we ban SUVs from our cities?

Statistically less safe than regular cars and with higher CO2 emissions, campaigners argue the heavily-marketed cars have no place in urban areas Cities is supported by About this content Article source: TheGuardian.com | Terms of publication and copyright of articles Laura Laker “SUV insanity” shouted the front page of German business newspaper Handelsblatt earlier this […]

Houston’s pocket prairies: Natural solutions to unnatural flooding

Humans are innovators and tend to look to technology to solve problems. But increasingly, people are turning to the natural world for solutions as well. For Houston, that means reintroducing the prairie. This story is part of an occasional Monitor series on “Climate Realities.” Article source: csmonitor.com WHY WE WROTE THIS Courtesy of Flo Hannah/The Nature ConservancyA boy […]

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