Tech heaven: Drone academy students help map out Africa’s future

Eldson Chagara Now, as a student at Africa’s first drone academy, she is about to make it come true. The institute is in Malawi, and builds on the work of a pilot scheme launched in 2017 with support from U.N. children’s fund UNICEF, in which drones have been used to deliver medical supplies, monitor […]

Analysis confirms that climate change is making wildfires worse

Climate change has already increased the risk of wildfire globally, according to a new review of research that suggests the weather conditions that led to the Australian wildfires will become more common in future. By Donna Lu Read more: In light of the ongoing wildfire crisis in Australia, Richard Betts at the UK Met Office in […]

Australia’s fire-driven storms are pumping smoke into the stratosphere

Thunderstorms generated by the Australian bushfires are very likely to have pumped as much smoke into the stratosphere as a volcanic eruption. By Adam Vaughan Read more: Blazes across the country in the past few weeks have been so intense they have generated their own weather. They create rising air mixed with ash and smoke that results […]

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