Keep raising money to save the pandas – it helps other animals too

Conservationists have long known that using pandas, tigers and other charismatic species to front their campaigns is a good way to raise money. But some have argued that focusing on these “flagship” animals can neglect equally threatened but less cuddly ones, such as pangolins. By Adam Vaughan Read more: Now Jennifer McGowan at Macquarie University in Sydney […]

Soft finger-like robots can sweat to cool down just like humans

Robots are becoming more human-like every day: now they can sweat. By Donna Lu Read more: Thomas Wallin at Cornell University in New York and his colleagues have created soft robotic grippers that are capable of sweating to cool down. The grippers are capable of a cooling capacity of 107 watts per kilogram, making them more efficient […]

A fingerprint can show if someone has taken cocaine or just touched it

A single fingerprint can distinguish whether someone has recently touched cocaine or actually ingested it. This test can be completed in less than 2 minutes, far quicker than blood tests, and could be used for forensic investigations or drug testing. By Donna Lu Read more: Melanie Bailey at the University of Surrey in the UK and […]

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