IEO VEROS Fundraising Platform™ | VRS 3.0 on

⚡️Start: March 27, 2020

IEOVEROS Fundraising Platform™ | VRS 3.0 on


Token Details

Token Sale Start
Token Sale End
March 31 , 2020 at 12 AM UTC
April 14, 2020 at 12 AM UTC
Token Supply for IEOThe soft cap: 100 000 EUR | 1 000 000 000 VRS
The hard cap: 300 000 EUR | 3 000 000 000 VRS
Token Price for IEO 0.11 USD | 0.11 EUR
Minimum Purchase Amount 100 VRS Token
Protocol ERC20

The VEROS Fundraising Platform™ project is a Prime example of “Impact Investing”.

This is a global fundraising platform that connects revolutionary innovations, international charity and funding of innovative projects aimed at improving the environment and people’s living standards.
VEROS Fundraising Platform™ is a combination of eco-Amazon, Kickstarter and Gofundme in one place.

■ The project has been successfully developing for 2 years, and the mission of the project was highly appreciated by International Organizations (NGO). Currently, the project is engaged in a pilot fundraising for UNICEF Innovation (France) in +150 types of leading cryptocurrencies.
■ The project was recognized as the best innovative project in 2019 by the non-profit organization “Investment Russia”.
■ Soon the developers of VEROS Fundraising Platform™ plan to launch a new service ATLAS in cooperation with investment funds from around the world. ATLAS will be able to act as an intermediary between venture funds, direct investors and environmental startups that are focused on supporting the environment.

SERVICES PLATFORM | VEROS Fundraising Platform

WORLD CHARITY by Veros FP | Сharity Platform
• zero fundraising commission for nonprofit international organizations
• dynamic search algorithm
• using of Blockchain control technology
• specialized news portal
• donation certificate system
• support for digital coins (BTC, ETH, etc.)

ATLAS by Veros FP | Fundraising for Projects
• own base of innovative projects
• own base of investment institutions
• support and positioning of innovative projects
• financial evaluation of innovative projects
• legal support of investment transactions
• specialized news portal

FUTURE STORE by Veros FP | Marketplace Innovative Products
• exclusive, innovative products and services that improve the environment and the standard of living of people.
• system of discount certificates
• specialized news portal
• support for the use of digital coins on the trading platform

WALLET+ by Veros FP | Payment service
• own payment server for operations with various Blockchain networks
• fast and legal exchange of hundreds of digital coins (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.) and fiat assets (US dollars, euros, etc.)
• legal replenishment, withdrawal and storage of digital coins.

NEWS by Veros FP | News portal
• environmental news,
• eco-innovation news and
• blockchain news

VRS token link to CoinMarketCap:

VRS 3.0 (AZURE Version)

The new version of the token VRS 3.0 (AZURE Version) has stablecoin elements. Of the total number of tokens in 10 million, 80% will be frozen.
■ 5 cryptocurrency exchanges ready to trade now |,,,,
■ return of invested funds in ETH(0.1€) within 2 months
■ monthly accruals to the balance up 1%
■ global promotion
■ fraud protection

Advantage for IEO VEROS | VRS 3.0 members

■ Tokens with IEO will be immediately available for circulation.
■ Within 2 months, users will be able to return the full amount of their investment.
■ In the following months, they will be able to exchange 3% of their tokens at a fixed rate of 0.1 EUR.
■ On the platform, IEO investors will be charged a percentage of the company’s profit on a monthly basis in tokens. Which they can exchange at a fixed rate of 0.1 EUR.
■ 30% of the collected funds in IEO will be used to secure the token price (stabcoin elements)

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