Save The Wildlife in South Africa.

In 1968, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (then president of the World Wildlife Fund) approached Dr Anton Rupert (a successful South African businessman and conservationist) to work towards securing South Africa’s wildlife and nature. Dr Rupert garnered support from a group of local business aficionados. They realised that something had to be done quickly if South […]

We still don’t know how effective the NHS contact-tracing app will be

The UK government will begin trials of its coronavirus contact-tracing app this week, but officials today declined to say how much impact it would actually have on slowing the spread of covid-19. TECHNOLOGY 4 May 2020 By Adam Vaughan Read more: The app will play a “really important” role supplementing the 18,000 human contact tracers the government aims […]

Fish scales turned into flexible and biodegradable electronic displays

Fish scales could provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic for use in flexible displays for electronic devices. By Layal Liverpool Read more: Flexibility is important for wearable electronics to enable the creation of displays that bend, fold or twist easily, says Hai-Dong Yu at Nanjing Tech University in China. Plastic has been the go-to material for […]

Our approach to covid-19 can also help tackle climate change

We can’t lose sight of the climate emergency when dealing with the covid-19 pandemic, say Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac By Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac Read more: WE HAVE known for some time that 2020 was going to be a milestone year for the climate change crisis, requiring a radical reversal of the current trajectory in global greenhouse gas emissions. But […]

Carbon emissions fall as electricity producers move away from coal

Global emissions down by 2% amid mild winter and reduced use of coal-fired power plants Jillian Ambrose and Simon Goodley Carbon emissions from the global electricity system fell by 2% last year, the biggest drop in almost 30 years, as countries began to turn their backs on coal-fired power plants. A new report on the world’s […]

Space radar movies track motion on Earth’s surface

Satellite operator Iceye is now making videos that can show the Earth’s surface through cloud and at night. By Jonathan AmosBBC Science Correspondent The short, 20-second movies are an extension of the standard still radar images it already produces. In the examples released by the Finnish company on Monday, planes are seen taxiing across Britain’s Heathrow […]

Keep raising money to save the pandas – it helps other animals too

Conservationists have long known that using pandas, tigers and other charismatic species to front their campaigns is a good way to raise money. But some have argued that focusing on these “flagship” animals can neglect equally threatened but less cuddly ones, such as pangolins. By Adam Vaughan Read more: Now Jennifer McGowan at Macquarie University in Sydney […]

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